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What is Outsourcing?

An outsourcing solution is when a company partners with external service providers to handle specific tasks or services. This strategy helps improve efficiency, reduce costs, and tap into specialized expertise not available in-house. 

Outsourcing covers a wide range of functions, such as IT services, customer support, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing. The main goal is to free up resources, allowing companies to focus on their core strengths and strategic initiatives, while outsourcing non-core functions to experts.

Successful outsourcing requires careful planning, effective management, and a strong working relationship with the chosen service provider, offering companies the potential for significant benefits in today’s competitive business landscape.

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What is VAME?

VAME is the quintessential outsourcing partner for businesses worldwide, offering a comprehensive array of services to meet diverse needs, whether it’s temporary staffing, permanent placements, executive searches, or more. Their adaptability and in-depth knowledge are exemplified through industry specializations, covering everything from tech experts to creative talents. 

VAME’s commitment to client satisfaction shines through a personalized and client-centric approach, complemented by their proven track record, extensive network, and rapid turnaround time. Collaborating with VAME ensures a mutually beneficial partnership, granting access to top talent, reduced hiring costs, faster time-to-hire, and workforce management flexibility, while minimizing HR responsibilities. 

With an abundance of virtual assistants, a broad client base, and substantial cost savings, VAME becomes a trusted friend on your journey to success, offering unwavering support from initial contact to long-term relationship.

Businesses Requiring Virtual Assistants

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly digital business landscape, the role of virtual assistants has become indispensable for various types of enterprises. Virtual assistants are remote professionals who provide administrative, technical, and creative support to businesses and entrepreneurs. Their adaptability and ability to work remotely make them a valuable asset for a wide range of businesses. Here are some examples of businesses that frequently rely on virtual assistants:

Website Development

For Website Development

Virtual assistants can assist with tasks like web design, coding, and content management, ensuring a smooth and updated online presence.

Search Engine Optimization


Virtual assistants help with keyword research, content optimization, and backlink management to improve a website's search engine rankings.

Email Marketing

for Email Marketing

VA's can manage email campaigns, create newsletters, and analyze email performance to engage customers effectively.

Graphic Design

FOR Graphic Design

Virtual assistants can create graphics, logos, and visuals for branding and marketing materials.

Dropshipping Stores

for Dropshipping Stores

VA's can manage product listings, order processing, and customer inquiries in e-commerce businesses, ensuring seamless operations.

Content Creation

for Content Creation

VA's help in generating blog posts, articles, and social media content to engage the audience and enhance SEO.

Social Media Management

for Social Media Management

Virtual assistants schedule posts, respond to comments, and monitor social media accounts to maintain an active online presence.

Customer Support

for Customer Support

VA's can handle inquiries, process orders, and provide excellent customer service to maintain client satisfaction.

Administrative Tasks

for Administrative Tasks

VA's manage schedules, email correspondence, and general administrative work to free up the business owner's time.

E-commerce Management

for E-commerce Management

They assist in inventory management, product listings, and order fulfillment for online stores.

Online Education and E-Learning

for Online Education and E-Learning

VA's can assist with course development, content management, and student communication for online educators.

Real Estate

for Real Estate

Virtual assistants help with property listings, client communication, and administrative tasks for real estate agents.

Founder of VAME

Upon reaching the milestone of making a million dollars in E-commerce, CEO Yuval Cohen had an epiphany. He realized that his true passion lay in helping virtual assistants and business owners grow, rather than merely chasing profits. This realization led him to establish VAME, where the focus is on both clients and employees. Yuval’s commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives drives the agency’s mission, highlighting the importance of purpose beyond financial success.

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Achieve more, stress less, subtly – VAME, the quiet force behind your achievements.

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Why You Should Choose VAME?

When it comes to outsourcing, choosing the right partner can be a critical decision for your business. VAME stands out as a reliable and customer-focused outsourcing solution, and here are some compelling reasons why VAME should be considered for outsourcing needs:

Money-Back Guarantee​

The detail

At VAME, the understanding is that entrusting your business processes to an outsourcing provider involves a degree of risk. That's why VAME offers a rock-solid Money-Back Guarantee.

Over 50 Happy Customer Reviews​

The detail

The most reliable measure of an outsourcing provider's performance is the feedback of its customers. VAME boasts a track record of more than 50 happy customer reviews.

Commitment to Your 100% Satisfaction​

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VAME is fully committed to ensuring clients' complete satisfaction. Client success is VAME's success. VAME works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and tailors outsourcing services to meet those needs perfectly.

Customer Support at Your Service​

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VAME's dedicated customer support team is available to assist clients around the clock. Whether clients have questions, need assistance, or require immediate support, VAME's responsive and knowledgeable team is there to address their concerns promptly.
Unlock Your Talent Strategy's Potential witH VAME


At VAME’s outsourcing firm, they take pride in being a versatile partner, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of their clients. 

Direct Hire Services

When it's time for a lasting connection, think of us as your matchmakers.

Temporary Staffing

VAME provides temporary staff to meet your short-term workforce requirements, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Talent Scouting

VAME's expert team identifies and recruits top-tier executives for your leadership roles, ensuring your organization's success.

Search & Recruitment Solutions

Recognizing the pivotal role of exceptional talent in organizational growth and success.

Strategic Talent Succession

VAME understand that an organization's future success depends on its ability to plan for and nurture talent.

Employee Engagement Choices

Vame empower businesses to create a content and engaged workplace culture for their employees.

Empowering Everyone: VAME Services for All!

Who Needs VAME Services?

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)

SMBs often lack the resources and expertise to manage their IT infrastructure and technology needs efficiently. Outsourcing to VAME providers can help them access specialized skills and resources while reducing costs.

Large Enterprises

Even larger companies may choose to outsource certain IT functions to focus their in-house resources on core business activities. This could include managing specific IT projects or support functions.


Retail businesses can use VAME solutions for managing e-commerce platforms, inventory management, and customer data security.


Startups often have limited resources and need to focus on core product development and market expansion. Outsourcing IT services can help them scale without the need for significant in-house IT infrastructure.

Trust in VAME's virtual assistance for unmatched support. Your success, our priority

Achieve more, stress less, subtly – VAME, the quiet force behind your achievements.

Testimonial Grid

Explore the firsthand accounts of VAME’s delighted customers as they share their remarkable journeys with our outsourcing solutions.

"Our company reached out to Yuval's company looking for customer service representatives for our support department. This not only allowed us to increase our operational capacity, but also greatly assisted our company's expansion efforts."
Jake Eckstein
Technical Support Manager at Global Esim
"I'm a brand manager for an Amazon aggregator and I also have my own successful, private Amazon business. In total, I have been managing 7 and 8-figure Amazon businesses for over 5 years now. My biggest pain point over the years was being unable to find, manage and trust workers who would help me grow. This actually inhibited my growth as a business owner, as there is only so much you can do alone."
Aviv Bracha
Brand Manager at Upsellon Brands
"I have been using the services of this outsourcing staffing agency for the past year and I have been extremely impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. The agency has consistently provided me with top-notch candidates that not only meet, but exceed my expectations."
Bita Goncalvez
Senior Organizational Development Manager at BuySPRY

Virtual Assistance Services

Welcome to the VAME Virtual Assistance Services blog, where we unlock the potential of virtual assistance to revolutionize your productivity. Dive into comprehensive overviews of VAME’s capabilities, exploring how our trained virtual assistants seamlessly integrate into various tasks. Discover efficiency hacks, delegation mastery, and cutting-edge technology powering VAME’s services. Tailored content caters to entrepreneurs, providing a toolkit for success. Uncover tips for maximizing remote collaboration and gain insights into the future of virtual assistance. Join us on this journey to stay ahead in the digital age, where VAME is your key to efficient and fulfilling work and life experiences. Subscribe now for regular updates and expert insights!

Other Virtual Assistant Companies

Delving into the world of virtual assistant companies opens doors to a wider range of expertise and personalized solutions. Whether you require administrative tasks, social media management, website development, or specialized skills like graphic design or bookkeeping, there’s a company out there with the perfect team to match your requirements. From established agencies connecting you directly with independent talents, the options are plentiful. Remember, finding the right fit hinges on understanding your specific needs and exploring the unique strengths of each company. So, venture forth, explore, and discover the perfect virtual assistant partner to empower your productivity and success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

VAME put together a detailed list of common questions to provide straightforward answers. 

At VAME, safeguarding data is their top priority. VAME take privacy seriously. Their Virtual Assistant (VA) team strictly adheres to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and employs a suite of secure tools and platforms to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Your safety always comes first.

VAME’s VAs are proficient in a diverse array of skills. They excel in administrative tasks, possess strong communication abilities, and are well-versed in industry-specific knowledge. Their VAs are tech-savvy and boast a wealth of experience in their respective fields.

Rest assured, VAME is committed to ensuring the productivity of your VA. They have a dedicated team that actively monitors the performance of VAME’s Virtual Assistants. Additionally, their VAs are required to send End of Day Reports, giving you a clear picture of their daily activities. If you prefer an extra layer of oversight, you can also make use of time and work tracking tools for added peace of mind.

Absolutely, VAME VAs are fluent English speakers. Many of them hold college degrees, ensuring their proficiency in the language and their ability to effectively communicate with you and handle tasks with precision.

At VAME, your satisfaction is of paramount importance. They want to see you satisfied and smiling with the results. If, for any reason, you find that things aren’t aligning as expected, rest assured that they will work diligently to address and resolve any issues. VAME is committed to finding a better match or resolving any concerns to ensure you receive the service you deserve. Your happiness matters to VAME.

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